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The information contained herein is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended to serve as legal advice. You should not act or fail to act based on the information on this website. This website contains general information only, and may not reflect recent changes to the law. All cases differ – please contact an attorney in your area to get legal advice as it pertains to your case. Attorney Joseph Battle Carnohan is licensed to practice law in the State of California.

When parents have decided to divorce or separate, they may not agree on one or more family law issues involving their children. This could include how much time each parent has with them. Child Custody Lawyer Joseph B. Carnohan helps clients find legal solutions to address these issues. He serves the communities in Del Mar and the surrounding areas of North County San Diego.Del Mar Child Custody Attorney Joseph Carnohan

Due to his more than three decades of experience in family law, Mr. Carnohan has many insights on how to effectively resolve child custody and child visitation disputes. It is a requirement of California family law court that parenting plans put the children’s interests as the first priority.

Family Law Attorney Carnohan helps clients establish equitable parenting plans that gain court approval and are advantageous to the family. Del Mar Child Visitation Attorney Carnohan offers reliable guidance on creating custody and visitation agreements that are manageable for each family member.

To schedule a consultation with Del Mar Attorney Joseph Carnohan regarding your child custody or child visitation concerns, call Carnohan Law at (760) 722-8200. Your first consultation is offered at no charge. Mr. Carnohan will discuss your questions, get to know what is needed, and discuss how his family law firm can be of assistance.

Parenting Plans in Del Mar, CA

Child custody and visitation touch on deeply important matters. Del Mar Child Custody Lawyer Joseph Carnohan understands this and provides effective, compassionate legal guidance. He is aware of the difficulties presented when one is tasked with creating a plan that must meet the needs of the children as well as each parent. By diligently applying his knowledge and experience in family law, he works to attain positive outcomes for each client and their family.

Child Custody in California

In the state of California, the law provides for two types of child custody: legal and physical. Legal custody defines which parent will make decisions that affect the welfare of the child. Physical custody is about which parent will have the child live with them. Family court may grant either type of custody to just one parent, or it may direct that physical and/or legal custody be shared by both parents.

Making Key Decisions | Legal Custody

When a parent has legal custody of their child, they are the one who will make decisions on important matters. This includes choices regarding religion, healthcare, education, and similar issues that will affect the child’s life.

With Whom the Child Lives | Physical Custody

In situations where parents are not in agreement about where their child will live, the courts will make that decision. Should the court grant physical custody to one parent only, the other (non-custodial) parent will have child visitation arrangements per the parenting plan. When the court grants physical custody to both parents (also called joint custody), the child will spend time living with each parent.

If at some point there is a notable change in one or both parents’ circumstances, the parenting plan and court order may need modification. When this issue arises, Del Mar Child Custody Attorney Carnohan is able to assist parents with creating a post-judgment modification.

Consulting an Effective Child Custody Lawyer

As a caring and experienced child visitation attorney and child custody lawyer, Mr. Carnohan is able to guide clients through family law cases and help them reach favorable outcomes. If you have questions about custody and visitation plans, Family Law Lawyer Joseph B. Carnohan is ready to help. Call our firm at (760) 722-8200 or fill out our online form to arrange your no-cost initial consultation.