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Solana Beach Child Support Lawyer Joseph Carnohan

Solana Beach Child Support Attorney Joseph B. Carnohan provides reliable representation for child support cases, and he has been doing so since 1989. Mr. Carnohan is a skilled family law attorney with a deep understanding of support guidelines and how family courts in California handle cases.

If your divorce or separation includes children, Solana Beach Child Support Attorney Carnohan can help you gain a fair and reasonable outcome. To schedule an appointment with Mr. Carnohan, call (760) 722-8200. Our family law firm does not charge for the initial consultation. We serve clients in Solana Beach as well as in the surrounding areas of North County San Diego.

Solana Beach Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan

Knowledgeable Child Support Lawyer in Solana Beach, CA

When parents, each parent is obligated and expected to contribute financially toward caring for their children. Expenses include basic costs such as those for housing, health care, education, and food. At times, support orders have been viewed as unjust to both parents. The current system for determining support is a computerized formula that has been created by the California State Legislature. Using this formula, the family court judge will set up the order for support.

Child Support Attorney Carnohan is aware of how important each factor in the formula can be. He recognizes how significant an impact specific information can have on the outcome of the case, including data on debt, income, and deductions.

Some of the factors considered in the initial determination for child support payments include the following:

In cases where special circumstances occur, family court will take this into consideration when determining the support order. Solana Beach Child Support Lawyer Carnohan will explain the details that will affect your case. If you have an extraordinary circumstance, Mr. Carnohan will advise you in detail on your rights and how your case may be impacted.

If the needs of the family change, this may call for a change in support orders. The parent paying or the parent receiving can request modifications to support orders. Mr. Carnohan can assist you when modifications become necessary. By law, payments will continue until one of the following events:

In cases where special needs and/or medical needs exist, it may be determined that child support will continue indefinitely.

Consultation with Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan

To gain the counsel of an experienced Solana Beach child support lawyer, call Carnohan Law. Attorney Joseph Carnohan offers the first consultation at no charge so clients can discuss the details of their situation. The Child Support Form can be completed and submitted so that Mr. Carnohan can review the information and get in touch with you.

To reach Child Support Attorney Joseph B. Carnohan directly and discuss your concerns, call (760) 722-8200. He has more than three decades of helping clients in family law issues and related matters. Family Law Lawyer Carnohan is ready to stand up for your rights and work toward a positive outcome in your case.