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The information contained herein is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended to serve as legal advice. You should not act or fail to act based on the information on this website. This website contains general information only, and may not reflect recent changes to the law. All cases differ – please contact an attorney in your area to get legal advice as it pertains to your case. Attorney Joseph Battle Carnohan is licensed to practice law in the State of California.

Fallbrook Divorce Lawyer Joseph Carnohan

Fallbrook Divorce Lawyer Joseph Carnohan is well aware of the various difficulties that can come up in a divorce case. Having more than 30 years of experience, he is highly skilled and able to provide a strong defense while working for positive results.

To schedule an appointment for a free first consultation with divorce attorney Carnohan, contact our office at (760) 722-8200. We provide reliable representation to men and women in Fallbrook, San Diego County, and beyond. Attorney Carnohan can answer questions, guide you through your case, and arrange for an amicable resolution to divorce disputes.

Fallbrook Divorce Lawyer Joseph B. Carnohan offers clients a detailed case analysis to assist them in obtaining legal goals.

At our family law firm, we believe in prompt and regular communication with clients. Any new developments that affect a case are shared in a timely manner. Emails and phone calls are returned quickly as well.

Divorce Lawyer for North San Diego County

Mr. Carnohan has the experience and skill needed to guide clients toward successful outcomes in many kinds of family law and divorce cases.

 Fallbrook Divorce Attorney Joseph Carnohan

When possible, our divorce attorney uses negotiation to resolve disputes that arise in dissolution cases. If it becomes apparent that stronger measures will be needed to uphold client interests, Mr. Carnohan moves into litigation tactics.

Fallbrook Divorce Attorney Carnohan assists with property division disputes, child support issues, spousal support needs, and child custody matters.

Divorce Mediation Attorney Serving Fallbrook, California

As couples attempt to create a divorce agreement they both find acceptable, difficulties can arise. As a divorce mediator, Fallbrook Attorney Carnohan is often able to help. In mediation, opposing parties are enabled to set aside problems and focus on what is in the family’s highest interests. Many find mediation to be far less confrontational and significantly more affordable than litigation.

Call our Fallbrook Divorce Attorney

If you would like knowledgeable assistance in your divorce or domestic partnership dissolution, call (760) 722-8200 or submit a completed contact form. Our office will review your information and contact you to make an appointment for a free initial consultation. Mr. Carnohan’s many years of experience can work to help you end your marriage in as peaceful and dignified a manner as possible.