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Welcome to the Law Offices of Oceanside Spousal Support Attorney Joseph Battle Carnohan. A skilled lawyer with more than 30 years’ experience representing clients in a wide variety of Family Law related issues, including Spousal Support, Mr. Carnohan works vigorously to preserve and protect the right of his clients.

If you and your spouse are presently going through a divorce and Spousal Support has become an issue of contention in your case, please contact Oceanside Spousal Support Lawyer Joseph Carnohan at (760) 722-8200 to schedule your free consultation with one of the area’s leading Family Law attorneys.

Dedicated to providing quality, personalized legal representation, Mr. Carnohan will meet with you to review your concerns and goals. During your consultation, Oceanside Spousal Support Attorney Joe Carnohan will provide you with an honest case analysis. This will allow you to make educated decisions regarding your matter.

All client communications will be answered quickly, and we will strive to keep you informed regarding your case status. Should any new information arise during your case, Mr. Carnohan will contact you immediately to review this information and determine whether or not we need to revise our case strategy.

Conveniently located in Oceanside, CA, the Law Offices of Oceanside Spousal Support Lawyer Joseph Battle Carnohan proudly represents clients throughout North San Diego County as well as the surrounding communities.

Spousal Support Attorney in Oceanside – Skilled Legal Representation throughout North San Diego County

Spousal Support (Alimony) differs from Child Support in that it is not automatically granted. Rather, it is designed to allow the supported spouse to maintain the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

A skilled mediator and negotiator, Mr. Carnohan will work vigorously to resolve issues relating to Spousal Support via settlement negotiations. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement during this process, Lawyer Joe Carnohan possesses the experience necessary to take the matter to trial.

The period of time for which Spousal Support may be ordered will be based upon the length of your marriage. Short term marriages (generally less than 10 years) may result in an order of Spousal Support not to exceed the number of years you and your spouse were married. With respect to long term marriages (10+ years), Spousal Support is typically owed to the supported spouse until they either remarry or upon their death.

Numerous factors are taken into account when setting an order for Spousal Support. These include but are not limited to the following:Oceanside Spousal Support Lawyer Joseph Carnohan

Prior to entering into negotiation agreements to determine the issue of Spousal Support, the court may issue a temporary order for support, thereby allowing the supported spouse to maintain their standard of living during divorce proceedings. If the issue is taken to trial, please be advised that the court has significant leeway when entering a judgment for Spousal Support. As a result, it is imperative that you hire a skilled attorney who will fight to safeguard your rights and possesses extensive experience handling Spousal Support cases.

Spousal support may be modified at a later date if one party is able to successfully prove that a change in circumstances has occurred, requiring the need to modify the previous order. Examples include the following:

Spousal Support is not designed to provide for a standard of living exceeding that which the parties enjoyed while married.

Contact Oceanside Spousal Support Lawyer Joe Carnohan Today for a Free Consultation

For information and answers to your Spousal Support questions, please complete our Family Law Case Evaluation Form. Mr. Carnohan will examine the information provided, and contact you to obtain additional facts, and schedule your free, comprehensive consultation.

If you need immediate assistance, contact the Law Offices of Oceanside Spousal Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan by calling (760) 722-8200 to learn how we can help you resolve this matter.

Oceanside Spousal Support Lawyer Joseph Carnohan