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Del Mar Divorce  

Parents who are divorcing, separating, or who have already completed the process can often disagree on matters that affect their children. This includes the amount of time each parent has with their child. Child Custody Attorney Joseph B. Carnohan understands how to create a legal solution that effectively addresses these issues for clients in Solana Beach and in the rest of North County San Diego.

Having over 30 years of experience, Family Law Lawyer Carnohan is able to assist parents in resolving the challenging issues that arise in child custody and child visitation matters. Carnohan Law helps individuals overcome the hurdles and establish an equitable and fair parenting plan that benefits the family and gains the court’s approval. In California, the family law courts require that parenting plans serve the child’s best interests. Solana Beach Child Visitation Lawyer Carnohan can help you create an agreement and schedule that is manageable for each person in the family.

If skilled legal guidance is needed for a child visitation or custody matter, call Solana Beach Attorney Joseph Carnohan at (760) 722-8200 and make an appointment for a no-charge consultation. Attorney Carnohan will discuss your concerns and explain how our family law firm can help.Escondido Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan

Parenting Plans for Clients in Solana Beach, CA

Being fully aware of the emotion and importance attached to child custody and child visitation matters, Solana Beach Child Custody Attorney Carnohan offers compassionate and effective guidance. He knows the challenges that come with trying to accommodate the needs of the child, mother, and father into one unified plan. His experience and diligent attention help him work to create positive outcomes for the family.

Child Custody Arrangements in California

California law recognizes two general kinds of child custody: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child actually lives, and legal custody is about who makes decisions regarding the needs and welfare of the child. The court may grant custody of either type to just one parent, or it may be shared by each parent.

Legal Custody | Making Important Decisions

The parent who holds legal custody will be the one making key decisions regarding the welfare and wellbeing of their child. This would include matters such as education, religious training, and healthcare.

Physical Custody | Where the Child Lives

If the parents cannot agree, the court must determine with whom the child will live. If sole physical custody is granted to one parent, the noncustodial parent will have child visitation outlined in the parenting plan. If the court decides on joint physical custody, the child’s time will be split between both parents.

If a significant change in circumstances later makes it necessary to modify the parenting plan and court orders, Solana Beach Child Custody Lawyer Carnohan can help with post-judgment modifications.

Consult an Experienced Child Custody Lawyer

Solana Beach Child Custody Attorney and Child Visitation Lawyer Joseph B. Carnohan offers reliable, knowledgeable guidance for many family law matters. He can help you create a custody and visitation plan that works for your family. To contact Family Law Attorney Carnohan for a free consultation, call (760) 722-8200 or use the online case evaluation form.

Solana Beach Child Custody Attorney Carnohan